The 100 Club

The 100 Club

The 100 club was set up as an easy way for small businesses or individuals to directly support the Atlantic Lions’ campaign. For a minimum £100 donation those named below contributed to the purchase of essential equipment to maximise performance and ensure safety on our ocean rowing boat and enabled us to start our Challenge and as you read this we are in The Atlantic making progress to Antigua.

In acknowledgement of that amazing support all those names and personal messages are on the ‘100 Club Wall’ as well as on the boat itself, where it is serving as a constant reminder and motivation during hard times. Exclusive post race photos and videos taken by us during the crossing will also be for the 100 Club.

Thank you to all the following people who have already joined the Atlantic Lions’ 100 Club and welcome to Our Pride! You can still join if you would like to!

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  • Matthew Hicks
    Joe i still think this is a crazy idea! Good luck! FTM
  • Tom Mile
    Throw off the bowlines, row away from safe harbour, Explore. Dream. Discover. Proud of you Joe! Sending you all best wishes and good luck. Can't wait to track your journey and celebrate your successes.
  • Judy West
  • Graeme & Angela Macdonald
    What a crazy, but amazing thing to do! Wishing you guys all the luck in the world.
  • Alistair McIvor
    Matthew, best wishes to you all.
  • Diane McIvor
    Matt, wishing you and your fellow lions the very best of luck for the journey ahead. Am so proud of you. Stay safe.
  • Tanya & Anthony Kasozi (£200)
    We are pleased and proud to support you in such an amazing feat. May your motivation, passion and commitment carry you through. God Bless and God Speed
  • Phil Walder do know you can catch a plane, don't you?
  • Jordan Martindale
    Good luck David and the rest of the lads. A huge challenge for a great cause!
  • David Mile & Wendy Newcombe
    Proud of your great efforts for a great cause. We will be thinking of you all the time on your journey. Keep safe. Love mum and dad
  • Mike O'Neill & Polly Raetz-O'Connell
    You guys are doing something really amazing and it’s all for a fantastic cause. You are on your way to achieving something your future selves will thank you for forever. And remember “If you are going through hell, keep going”.
  • Charlie & Kate
    Just keep going! Amazing achievement. From your very proud friends. Charlie and Kate
  • Tim Powell
    Very inspired by your dedication and this crazy trip! Good luck guys. Watch out for Nemo! Or is it the Loch Ness Monster? I get them confused.
  • Little Stour Runners (£2400 to the MS Trust)
    The 4 of us from Wickhambreaux and Littlebourne raced in the Folkestone Half Marathon. One of us fainted halfway through, one had a virus and one had a pulled calf. Everyone over the line in 2.5 hours though! Good luck in your momentous rowing challenge, we'll be sticking to running! Daisy Bradford, Laura Downes, Geordie Hayward and Angela Miller
  • Robert Hall (£250)
  • Ben Gallagher
    I once tried a smaller kayaking event, and needless to say it didn't go quite as planned. What you 4 men are doing is an inspiration to your friends and family and will be something you share with your grandchildren. Good luck, and when the times are tough - remember there are sharks in the water that bite, so don't sink. Gally
  • Tom Sibley
    Absolutely incredible and inspiring lads. Look forward to having some beers when you are back on dry land and hearing stories.
  • Phil Messent
    Not quite as big as our Birmingham to London kayak but a decent effort.... Genuinely though - this is incredible. You guys are inspirational. Good luck. I know you'll smash it.
  • Judy & Nigel Wreford
    To Charlie, Matt and the crew - we wish you all the luck in the world for the row - be determined and keep your morale high - we'll be thinking of you every day - love from Nigel and Judy
  • Isobel McIvor
    Good luck Matthew to you and your friends.
  • Debbie Harwood & Dave Openshaw
    The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul - Godspeed. Love from Debbie & Dave
  • The Bruce Family
    Live the dream. You're the biggest inspiration. You can do it!
  • Pamela Pulido & Robert Keehan
    Ahoy there Townsend! All the best to you and the rest of the pride. Don't forget the special suntan lotion for delicate areas now, all our best wishes Pamsta and Roberto
  • Julie Ovenden (£200)
    Dear Charlie and the rest of the Lions, wishing you all the very best of luck for the great challenge ahead. Will be following you all the way. Safe journey
  • Vincent Argent (£150)
    Retired 1st and 3rd Trinity Boat Club - it was much easier paddling up and down the Cam. Good luck
  • David & Mandy Knight
    An awesome challenge Charlie, something you and your fellow Atlantic Lions will never forget. Look forward to hearing all about it! David & Mandy
  • Emily Rashleigh
    Boys, I know you can do this…keep going! The beers are on ice in Antigua. See you and your six packs there! love you all (especially you joey) xx
  • Wickham & Stodmarsh Cricket Club
    Good luck Charlie to you and your fellow Atlantic Lions, just like Wick and Stod you can pull it off
  • Maine Motor Solutions
    You wouldn't catch Maine Motor Solutions rowing the Atlantic. But all of us wish you Charlie and your fellow Lions the very best of luck. Just like all those Audis we sell ''Vorsprung durch Technik to you all!''  - Damian
  • Phil Harrington
    A fantastic effort from all you lads and thank you for allowing us all to have some fun at the hands of your fundraisers! Take care and all the luck with what I'm certain will be an unforgettable experience. Phil
  • Doreen Fields
    Good luck to Dave, Matt, Joe and Charlie, Cannot wait to get started!!! Love Doreen
  • Joanna Dodkins
    Looking through the messages from other members of the '100 club', it's clear to see that you boys are very special to a lot of people! Everyone is so proud of what you have achieved so far and what lies ahead. Make sure you remember that when things get tough out there on the water. Cannot wait to hear all about it when you are home safe and sound. Lots of love Jo xx
  • Maya Lamoudi
    Dear Matt and Joey. You continue to inspire me with your variety of interests and skills, as well as your general resilience. Please come back fit and well; there will be a lounge party waiting for you. Love from Maya.
  • Millie Knight
    You guys are so inspiring. I look forward to following you across the Atlantic (metaphorically) from the safety of a snowy mountain.
  • Shirley Denny
    Every blessing on this amazing venture. We will be praying for your safety when you set out and for your return when we can hear all about it! All the best, Shirley x
  • Sue & Peter Terrill
    Dear Charlie, A small contribution towards your great adventure. We are full of admiration.
  • Tudor Lodge Surgery
    Good Luck Matt from all of us at Tudor Lodge Surgery
  • Camilla Peta
    Well done Dave, an amazing cause and an incredible challenge.. Super proud of you and your team! X
  • Jamie Gillespie & Grace Watt
    ''Ocean rowing is very much what you make it. Rowing technique is pretty irrelevant on the ocean. It's the psychology that's important. (Roz Savage)''
  • Wickhambreaux and Ickham (£1832)
    ''Good luck from the wine and wisdom teams of Wickhambreaux and Ickham''
  • Allan Hemmings
    Very worthy cause. All me best wishes. Good luck.
  • Kay Hawthorne (£500)
    I think what you are doing is amazing and so inspiring! What an adventure. Good luck to you all, especially my godson Charlie! All the very best, love Kay x
  • Dan Eisenhardt
    This won't be easy rowing but neither is living with MS. All the best to you all and may the ocean treat you gently!
  • Keith & Heather Trenter
    What a terrific challenge. We feel really proud to be able to participate in our own small way. Good luck with everything. Heather and Keith
  • Claire & Hannah Mount
    From babysitter to Atlantic rower, good luck Charlie and the boys. Claire and Hannah
  • Simon & Jacqui Mount
    Good luck to you all - we'll be following you all the way. Mounty & Jacqui
  • Andy Griffiths
    我不要你的东西. I could not be prouder of you boys. Best of luck and much love from over in challenge to stop via here? Andy. X
  • Mrs Lodge of Wickhambreaux
    The very best of luck Charlie
  • Paul & Denise (£200)
    All the best of luck from the Rose Inn Wickhambreaux
  • Martin & Maggie Twyman
    To Charlie and fellow Lions, Good Luck and safe rowing
  • Paul & Liz Cope
    David (and the rest of the guys), Well done for putting this project together. Obviously a very good cause but looks like its will be really fun and uber-exciting!! We wish you the very best of luck both in the fund raising and the row. All the very best (and hope you don't get sea-sick.) Paul & Liz
  • Jonathan and Vicki Tapp
    Paddling light
  • Sarah Atkins
    What a fantastic challenge, for a great cause. Very proud of you all. Good luck. Sarah xxxx
  • Jenny Pearson
    Safe Journey to the Atlantic Lions from all Peapods, Great and Small'
  • Noddy Rashleigh
    Row row row your boat gently down the stream!
  • Tim and Jacqueline Townsend
    You're all mad! But it's a huge challenge and a great cause. Good luck and take care, Tim and Jacqueline
  • Ripley Court School
    Ripley Court School is proud to support ex pupil David Middleton in this huge endeavour. Staff and pupils wish you every success
  • Bob and Judy Carruthers
    To Charlie and crew. Bon chance. Best wishes Bob and Judy Carruthers from Littlebourne
  • The Lodge
    We are hugely proud of what you guys are doing- even if we do think you're all mad! Be safe, enjoy and make sure you have some champers on board. See you in Antigua x Kath, Jess & Andrew
  • Joy and Don Mayrick
    Good luck Dave and team, wishing you all the best on your adventure, Gary would be very proud of you. Joy and Don Mayrick, Grandparents
  • Lucy Oliver & Nicky Cook
    Dear OMC, Slug, Matty and Dave, we are really proud of all that you guys are doing but most of all thanks for giving us an excuse to lounge around in the Caribbean for a few weeks next year! lots of love xxx
  • Dylan Horton
    Hi Charlie and the boys, I hope you get across the ocean safely. What you are doing is amazing! When I grow up I want to be as brave as you! Good luck! :-)))) Dylan
  • Geordie Hayward
    Very proud to be associated with a Pride of Lions, your venture and your cause. Very best of luck from a Dad!
  • Chris Whittall
    What a fantastic challenge guys! I am full of admiration. Best of luck, stay safe and you will succeed. Chris Whittall'
  • Jonny Whittall
    The Attenborough video did it for me guys! An incredible challenge for an amazing cause. Looking forward to joining the pride! Jonny x
  • Susan Cook
    Good luck
  • Patricia Searles
    Wishing you every success with this challenge. Will follow you all the way with much pride. Love and blessings Pat and Ren.
  • Jean Oliver
    I have been hearing about your Atlantic challenge and what you are doing is truly remarkable. You should be very proud of yourselves so keep up the hard work! Wishing you all the best, Grandma Oliver xxx
  • Jane Oliver
    Feel really honoured to be part of this exciting challenge. You can do it and we will support you in any way we can
  • Sheila Hayward (£500)
    Good luck all of you! With love, Grannie Hayward
  • Mark Jackson (£300)
    To Chaz and all the Atlantic Lions crew - Go for it !!!! - See you on the finishing line - from Mark (Gramps!) Jackson
  • Jenny & Tony Reynolds
    Pain is temporary, glory is forever. Good luck boys. Jenny and Tony.
  • Caroline Jackson (£300)
    This is a brilliant idea. So very proud of you all - Good Luck. Lots of love Gran Caroline x
  • Jackie Middleton
    I am very proud to be part of your pride and support four amazing men on their incredible journey, Jackie
  • Cathy Hayward
    So proud of you all. Very happy to contribute towards the boat. This time next year?! Love from a mum! xx
  • Caroline Kelsey (£1000)