Blog Day 19 – Wet Wet Wet

Day 19 at sea now and life on board is ever closer to feeling like the norm. Whilst our bodies and minds are adjusting to the crazy sleep patterns, it’s the sores, muscles and cuts that are starting to cause the most problems. People have always said that ocean rowing ruins your behind. Well we are certainly in agreement with them however would definitely add the other side of the nether region to that list. We chuckle with laughter as screams of agony come from the cabins where the two on break are routinely applying the ever necessary yet excruciatingly painful surgical spirit to the private parts – something we certainly won’t miss once Antigua is in our sights.

The past few days can simply be described as wet. As we have made strong progress south we must of course turn our attention to keeping to a strong westerly bearing to ensure we stay near the shortest route to Antigua in terms of nautical miles. This means however that when winds are north easterly which they predominantly have been, large swells seem to end up on deck every 10 minutes, drenching the rowers. Whilst sometimes amusing during the day, it’s a very different story at night when waves come from nowhere and land straight in our laps. The occasional flying fish also pops up on deck to say hello – looking just as surprised as we are!

We’ve also experienced rain for the first time at sea In the past few days. Whilst of course keeping our clothing and cabins constantly damp, it does provide a rare opportunity to get the radox out and have what can only be described as the most natural and wild shower imaginable.

The rains do bring with them some unbelievable rainbows as seen in the pic.


Ps a Mayday was almost issued as yet another poo bucket has been lost – this time split in half mid session by one of the rowers. Clearly weight loss isn’t affecting us as much as we thought!!