Blog Day 26 – It was a Bit of a Bum Birthday

As you may have noticed we have been going in circles for the last 48 hours. This has been due to some unfavourable weather coming from the west and stopping us in our tracks. As we deployed the para anchor on night of the 11th we all tried to put a positive spin on what was a very frustrating situation. Comments like ‘it will be a great opportunity to get some rest’ and ‘at least we won’t be wet’ were being thrown around left, right and centre. We soon learnt that none of these things would actually happen. We slept two in each cabin and even though it was incredibly tight it was bearable. Two people in a cabin means however that the temperature rises quite considerably, we were all sweating our b******s off. The delight of the cabins was then coupled with the fact that we lost power at around 4am due to making an emergency supply of water. This therefore meant we had to do two person two hour watches throughout the night, in the pitch black with 12 metre waves breaking over the deck. There goes the ‘us being dry’ theory!

After a long night came a long day, I personally didn’t leave the cabin for 24 hours as going outside meant a certain drenching. We all tried to sleep as much as we could but the constant rocking of the boat and the slamming of the bow caused us all to have severe back problems.

After a less than good sleep we awoke to a lovely day, the winds and waves were still hitting us hard on the nose but at least it wasn’t raining. The sun was out and it was my birthday. The boys were all very kind giving me the best selection of food and treats they could muster up, and I had some lovely cards from my family and Rose. We spent the day fishing, playing games and sitting on deck. It was a lovely birthday but it also meant that we weren’t making any progress west towards the finish. I can also now say I have spent Christmas, New Year’s and my Birthdays in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

We all slept a lot better last night due to the calmer conditions and woke up to an absolute scorcher of a day. The wind had dropped considerably and after a weather assessment from El Capitan we dragged the para anchor back in and began to row.

It felt amazing to put the oars in the water again and get ‘the barge’ heading towards the finish line.

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes.

Much love, Dave

PS. See if you can identify which 2 Lions these are before their daily Sudocrem application session