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Welcome to our blog page which gives you a snapshot of the events that we have been involved in. From fundraising, progress on the boat, news, PR and videos, it catalogues our journey over the past 18 months.

Gary Mayrick

Blog Day 51- For Gary

It’s day 51 and we have just passed the 100 mile mark. It’s time to reflect on the adventure that we have been on for the last 50 days. Whilst in la gomera we were told that the row will change the way we think and the way we look at life. For us the […]


Blog Day 47 – However…

Today we have been at sea for 47 days. It’s been 46 days since we saw any form of land. We have been rowing two hours on, two hours off for 24 hours a day. If we get five hours sleep a night it’s been a good night. At times we have lost all power […]


Blog Day 43 – Into the Flying Fifties and the final stretch

Today marks the day we change rowing partners for the final time before arrival in Antigua (we hope) . We return to our original partners from the start of the race. The excitement and anticipation for our arrival is now increasing and it is not long until our nearest and dearest make the flight out […]

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Blog Day 37 – Less Than A Thousand Miles To Go!

After more than five weeks at sea we have reached our latest and biggest Joey Milestone to date – now less than 1000 nautical miles to go! We moved into three figures at about 6am on day 36 and to celebrate the steering line broke on us! Not the first time we’ve had to run […]


Blog Day 30 – Fish are friends not food….

…..Apart from when you’ve eaten dry pasta lasagne meals for 30 days at sea. Along with updating you all on our extreme fishing adventures this blog also represents the HALFWAY mark of our challenge. A huge ‘Joey Milestone’ that we are delighted to have passed. The first half was certainly a challenging one what with […]


Blog Day 26 – It was a Bit of a Bum Birthday

As you may have noticed we have been going in circles for the last 48 hours. This has been due to some unfavourable weather coming from the west and stopping us in our tracks. As we deployed the para anchor on night of the 11th we all tried to put a positive spin on what […]


Blog Day 23 – ‘If it was easy it would just be the way’

I lay in the stern cabin writing this blog with the sense that this is about to become an even more familiar home in the next few days. Sadly, despite previous predictions of 2 weeks of following seas and winds, a pesky storm has formed north of us and is charging towards the Canaries. As […]


Blog Day 21 – A Day in the Life of an Ocean Rower

Today is Day 21 and whilst we can’t quite believe we have lived on this 29ft cork for the last three weeks, we are now getting quite used to life on the ocean waves. During this time we have developed our own personal and team routines to make life on board as smooth and comfortable […]


Blog Day 19 – Wet Wet Wet

Day 19 at sea now and life on board is ever closer to feeling like the norm. Whilst our bodies and minds are adjusting to the crazy sleep patterns, it’s the sores, muscles and cuts that are starting to cause the most problems. People have always said that ocean rowing ruins your behind. Well we […]